Good Pills Review: An Internet Dispensary Network That Is Worth Recommending

Good Pills is a worldwide chain of internet drugstores that offer affordable medicines, especially erectile dysfunction drugs. Since ED drug is one of the most commonly searched medicine on the web, it is also one of the most popular drugs that you can find in most online pharmacies. In fact, Good Pills offers at least 20 brands of ED medicines that they dispense to their customers worldwide.

A chain of online pharmacies, Good Pills has started operating in 2001. It is licensed under the name Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. It currently holds a license to operate, sell, and distribute medicines online and this license was just issued last August of 2017. Good Pills is a holder of CIPA and MIPA approval. Pharmacy Checker has also verified this network of online pharmacies as one of the sources of cheap medicines on the web. All drugs offered by this network are FDA approved and are produced by top pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Good Pills Reviews

If you are looking for an internet drugstore to trust, the first thing you will do is asks a friend for a recommendation. Once they give you a recommendation, you will check it and verify if the said store is still operating or not. If it is, your next instinct is to check further customer reviews. According to studies, 76% of online shoppers believe customer reviews often than their friends’ recommendations. This means that even if a friend recommends an online store, if that store has a lot of negative reviews, then you won’t possibly use it. luckily, if a friend will recommend Good Pills and you will read their customer reviews, you will end up purchasing from this online pharmacy because of its positive customer feedback.

Good Pills Reviews

Among the things that we found out about Good Pills after reading customer reviews are:

  • Good Pills offer cheap medicines, a lot cheaper as compared to local drugstore prices
  • Good Pills always give bonus pills
  • Good Pills has a wide selection of medicines to offer as compared to local drugstores
  • Good Pills delivers on time
  • Good Pills medicines work!

With all the positive comments, we are reading about Good Pills, we can assume that it lasted for 17 years because they do deliver their promise.

Good Pills Online

Good Pills started in 2001. Since its first day operating as an online pharmacy, it has been distributing generic and branded medicines from known pharmaceutical companies. This chain of e-stores offer their medicines at the lowest price possible because they want to reach as many customers as possible.

Good Pills Page

According to the FAQ page of Good Pills, their medicines are FDA approved. They also offer two shipping methods that customers can choose at the check out page. They offer Airmail shipping and EMS Courier Shipping. With Airmail, you can receive your order after 14 to 21 days while EMS takes 5 to 8 business days. Airmail Shipping is cheaper by $10 as compared to EMS Shipping. Airmail shipping costs $9.95. All orders are processed and packed on the same day that the payment is verified. The method of payment accepted is credit card and cards such as Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Good Pills is known for its affordable medicines. Among their bestsellers are their most affordable drugs as well such as:

  • Doxycyline for $0.30 per tablet
  • Propecia for $0.51 per tablet
  • Generic Viagra for $0.27 per tablet
  • Amoxil for $0.39 per tablet
  • Prednisone for $0.30 per tablet
  • Zithromax for $0.40 per tablet
  • Nolvadex for $0.52 per tablet
  • Tadapox for $1.08 per tablet
  • Zoloft for $0.28 per tablet
  • Sildalis for $0.95 per tablet
  • Antabuse for $0.43 per tablet

Good Pills Coupon Codes

Although giving out coupon codes is a great way of inviting new customers to check out a particular store, Good Pills doesn’t see the need at the moment hence they did not release any coupon codes. With their low-priced medicines, giving out a coupon code might mean they are just going to give their products away. For their loyal customers though and those who want to try Good Pills, they can avail of their special offer which is a combination of Viagra and Cialis is on a single pack for a price of $46. The pack contains 10 tablets of each ED brand.

Good Pills Perks

Aside from this current special offer, Good Pills is also giving out free pills on all orders.

Good Pills Phone Numbers

Contacting Good Pills has never been easier for their US and UK customers. For their customers residing in the US, they can dial 718-487-9792 and for their UK customers, the number to dial is 4420-3239-7092. If you don’t have a phone to use or you are outside these countries, you can still reach the support team of this online pharmacy network by sending them a message thru their ‘contact us’ page. Their response will be sent to the email address you provided during the initial contact.

Good Pills Contact Number

Good Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Good Pills network of online pharmacies doesn’t support spam marketing. Spam marketing is the method of sending unwanted email messages and making unwanted calls to a customer’s email address and phone numbers. To avoid such things from happening, Good Pills is using a system on their website so that it won’t save emails and phone numbers provided by their customers. All information provided by you during the order process will be deleted and won’t be saved on their server.


We are giving Good Pills chain of internet drugstores a rating of 5 because of their great customer reviews. Most of their customers are recommending this network. Most of their customers are also leaving happy feedback about their experiences with this network.

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