Securetabs Review: Your Source of Effective Generic ED Medicines

Securetabs is an internet pharmacy that offers generic erectile dysfunction medicines. It is a group of online pharmacies that has more than 20 brands of generic medicines. These drugs are from India and are Indian FDA approved. According to some studies, erectile dysfunction is one of the least popular conditions among men because no one admits to suffering from it. Instead of seeing a doctor for treatment, men suffering from ED just rely on the internet and order their medicines from online pharmacies that value their privacy don’t require a prescription.

Aside from offering options for erectile dysfunction treatment, Securetabs also offer other medicines that people commonly order from their local pharmacies.

Securetabs also offer the following benefits to their customers:

  • Basic information about the medicine they are selling such as dosage, how to take it, side effects, contraindications, proper storage and what to do in case of missed or overdosage
  • They offer low-priced drugs of the same quality as the branded ones
  • They do not require a prescription for Rx medicines
  • They offer freebies that customers can take advantage off such as bonus pills and free shipping on qualified orders
  • They have a support team that customers can rely on

Securetabs Reviews

Before ordering from an online store, the first thing to do is to try to learn as much as possible about the said store first. We should practice this especially if we are planning to refill our prescription online. As an online shopper, we believe that we should only deal with legit online stores. When it comes to e-dispensaries, reading customer reviews is one of the most effective ways to gather intelligence. If a store has dissatisfied customers or negative reviews, then we can cross them out easily from our list. This way, we can avoid wasting our money with undeserving online stores.

Fortunately, after searching the internet, we found customers reviews for Securetabs that are full of praises for the store. Here are some of the reviews we found!

Securetabs Customer Testimonials

Samuel from France said that he was happy with the quick delivery of his order. Samuel has been a loyal customer since the first day he tried Securetabs. He added that the website is honest and has great offerings hence he stays.

The second review we found was shared by Sarah of Spain. Sarah’s satisfaction with the service of Securetabs network comes from the fact that she dealt with their customer support team and she was extremely satisfied with their help.

Another review we found was shared by Piter who was also pleased with the support team of Securetabs. Piter even said that he will be coming back, a new loyal customer for Securetabs. For the last review. It was shared by Barbara from Sweden and she said that she was extremely satisfied because her order arrived ahead of time.

For their excellent customer service and speedy delivery team, it looks like Securetabs network kept on winning new customers and making them loyal customers.

Securetabs Online

Securetabs is a veteran in the online pharmacy business. They have been operating for more than a decade. It is not a surprise to find their policy, terms, and agreement to be well written because they probably have worked on reviewing and analyzing it for the last decade. The gist of their policy states that for any issues such as missing delivery or damaged delivery, Securetabs will take care of it and will reship a new order free of charge. However, if the issue was caused by the customer, say you provided an incorrect address hence your order was not delivered on time, Securetabs won’t take responsibility and you will have to pay for reshipping if you request one.

Securetabs Website Design

All orders from Securetabs are processed after payment is confirmed. The mode of payment that they are currently accepting is via credit card. All orders are delivered worldwide via EMS and Airmail shipping. EMS costs $19.95 and Airmail is $10 cheaper yet it takes longer for the delivery. EMS deliveries take up to 8 days while Airmail takes up to 21 days.

If you want your package to be delivered in a Po Box address, it can be done but make sure that your local courier delivers in Po Box addresses. This is to avoid delays in your order’s delivery.

Securetabs e-stores dispense Rx medicines even to customers who cannot provide a prescription. Securetabs encourages their customers to talk to a doctor before taking any medicines though. If it can help, they provided some information on their website that customers can read such as basic data about the drug being sold, how to use it, when to take it, what to expect in terms of side effects, and possible contraindications.

Securetabs Coupon Codes

For your additional savings, while ordering your medicines from Securetabs, you can use the new coupon code they released. The said code can give you an instant %10 off your total bill.

Securetabs Instant 10% Discount

To take advantage of the said code, you have to input it on the checkout page. The code to use is IT-4752. Just click on apply and you should see the 10% deduction off your total bill.

Securetabs Phone Numbers

Securetabs Contact Details

To reach Securetabs customer support team, you can dial:

  • 1-718-487-9792 if you are in the US
  • 4420-3239-7092 if you are in the UK

If you are living outside of these two countries, the best way to contact Securetabs is through their contact us page.

Securetabs Spam and Phone Calls

Securetabs is using a number of security measures to ensure that their customers’ information is savings while ordering your medicines from Securetabs, protected. They use SSL encryption websites and they use Address Verification System for added security. This is to ensure that your information won’t get compromised and used for spam marketing. Securetabs does not practice spamming.


For their effective and safe generic medicines, drugs that they have been offering for the last 17 years, we are warding a 5-star rating to Securetabs. Their customers say it all, their medicines are not just effective, and they are also affordable.

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