Vigadol Review

Vigadol Review: Egyptian ED Drug that Needs to Prove its Effects

Brand: Vigadol

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Adwic

Country of Manufacture: Egypt

Vigadol Tablets Image

Review and Description

Vigadol is a generic Viagra medicine that originated from Egypt. This is one the unique ED pills you can find in the market today because of its shape. It looks like a cloverleaf and just like a branded Viagra, it is blue. This ED drug has sildenafil citrate as its main ingredient and it acts as an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme. When this enzyme is blocked, the penile muscle gets to have better blood flow and smoother reaction to sexual stimulation, leading to a better erection (harder and longer). This is something that men with erectile dysfunction just dream of in the past!

Vigadol is also used to treat men and women with pulmonary hypertension. In terms of PAH patients, this medicine helps the blood vessels in the lungs to widen and relax, allowing a better blood flow into the lungs.

Vigadol is a product of Adwic of Egypt. Adwic is also known as El Nasr Pharmaceutical Chemicals or Nasr Pharma. In fact, Adwic is just a subsidiary of El Nasr. This company was established in 1960. It is a project that aims to use science in helping people to improve their condition. By using science, it aims to create medicines with high efficacy at the lowest price possible. This is a government-owned pharmaceutical company with 3000 employees.

Customer Reviews

Vigadol is a product produced by the government-owned pharmaceutical company of Egypt – Adwic. This is a division of El Nasr Pharmaceutical Chemicals. El Nasr Pharmaceutical Chemicals started as a government project that aims to help its people by providing them with quality medicines that they can afford. As El Nasr Pharmaceutical Chemicals grew, they started having different divisions such as Adwic and Vetwic, plus they had different branches around Egypt.

As El Nasr Pharmaceutical Chemicals grew, so are the number of products they produce. Vigadol is just one of these medicines they have produced. Upon checking for customer reviews though, we are saddened by the fact that there are no customer reviews for this ED drug. Either none has used it yet or they just don’t want to share their stories and experiences when using this medicine.

Pricing and Dosage

According to the information on the leaflet of Vigadol, this medicine should be taken at least an hour before engaging in a sexual activity. This medicine is obtainable in a 100mg dose. It is in tablet form.

The price of Vigadol is 14

The price of Vigadol is 14.4 EGP (Egyptian Pound) or $0.815 per tablet. This is one of the most affordable ED medicines that you can find on the market today (if you can find it available in your area). This is for a 100mg generic Viagra.

How to Buy Vigadol Online

Since Adwic is a government-owned pharmaceutical company and they have not talked about any importation and distribution of their products outside of Egypt, we already expect that this medicine is not available internationally.

As we check our trusted online pharmacies, we were right, Vigadol is not a medicine that you can easily find in any internet drug stores. It is only available to stores that are based in Egypt.

As a generic Viagra substitute, you can seriously consider Fildena. Since Vigadol is a bit challenging to find, getting an ED drug that is easy to find and easy to purchase is more practical. For generic Viagra brand to try like Fildena, here are some links that you can check:

These e-stores also sell Fildena.

How to Use

Vigadol is presented in tablet form. This is very easy to take, just swallow it as a whole with a glass of water. Avoid crushing or chewing it. This should be taken as needed and not used as a maintenance drug.

Before taking this drug, make sure that you won’t have to drive or won’t be operating machines for the next few hours. This can cause some impairments so be sure to stay still while on it.

Side Effects

There are side effects associated with this medicine. Among the conditions you have to be aware are having blurry vision and possible vision loss. This is the reason why you shouldn’t be driving while on this drug.

Vigadol can also cause headaches, dizziness, redness on the face, having a stuffy nose, and indigestion. If your erection is not subsiding, you must consult a doctor as well. Do not take keep on using Vigadol if you keep on experiencing the same side effect for hours.

Conclusion with Rating

Vigadol is a product of El Nasr Pharmaceutical Chemicals Company of Egypt through their subsidiary – Adwic. This is a medicine that meant to help men of Egypt with ED problems. This is marketed in Egypt alone and looks like it is not available outside of Egypt.

Vigadol is a medicine prescribed to men with ED. This is highly effective according to their website, something that we cannot substantiate to without customer reviews. Due to the limited obtainability of Vigadol, we assume only a few people get their hands on this ED medicine hence they do not have any customer review.

As for the price, this ED medicine is one of the cheapest ED drugs we found online. At less than $1 per tablet, who wouldn’t want to give it a try? If we have the opportunity to try it, we would love to.

For its price and background, we are giving Vigadol a rating of 2 out of 5 stars. Perhaps this can improve once this medicine becomes more obtainable and once it comes with good customer reviews.

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