Tadagra Review

Tadagra Review: This Generic Impotence Treatment Has No Reviews from Patients

Brand: Tadagra

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Medix Laboratories (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Country of Manufacture: India

Tadagra Package Image

Review and Description

Tadagra is a and generic version of Cialis which makes used of Tadalafil as the primary active ingredient. The oblong pill comes as a tablet or capsules bearing a yellow or a brown color. This medicine is prescribed for Erectile Dysfunction. Impotence is a medical condition that has troubled thousands of men across the globe. It does not only threaten their manhood but their relationships as well. Over the years the medical fraternity has done much research as to the underlying causes of the disease and the redress measures. Even though its cure is yet to be debuted, a lot of strategies on minimizing its effects have been made accessible to the patients. These formulations are packaged in the form of injectables, oral jellies, capsules and tablets like Tadagra which decreases impotence symptoms by softening the smooth muscles at the walls of the blood vessels in the erectile tissue. It is also its responsibility to increase the relaxation of these blood transporting veins and arteries, therefore, increasing the blood taken to the penile tissues. This prerequisite is what makes it possible for people living with impotence to experience a hard and stiff erection when they are sexually excited-enhancing their sexual performance and restoring their sex life.

Tadagra is a creation of Medix laboratories (I) private limited which was incorporated in 1997 and has its manufacturing plant in India. The technologically equipped producers, exporters, and distributors of pharmaceuticals inject prescription and over-the-counter medications in the forms of syrups, tablets and capsules in the treatment of allergic conditions (Cetirizine), bacterial infections(Ciprofloxacin), fever (Paracetamol) and pain management products such as Diclofenac. More on its consumer basket re lifestyle enhancers and nutritional supplements. Its local market share is assured while its international one is spread across Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, and Africa.

Customer Reviews

Tadagra is an oral medication that treats Erectile Dysfunction, unlike its alternatives which are widely reviewed it has no reviews on the internet. It has the same chemical combination as Cialis, Tazzle, Apcalis and several others which makes its potency not to be so distinct from theirs, however, unless the consumers make it clear it is difficult to be confident in its efficacy. It manufacturers (Medix laboratories (I) private limited) has gained a twenty years’ experience in the industry with its contributions in various therapeutic fields such as bacterial infections, allergic reactions, pains, and inflammations. Drugs are very tricky as you need to put your health online as you test them for efficacy. Their outcomes also vary among individuals. The safest option to go with is to read the user reviews and tell whether it is worth the effort from other people’s experiences, you don’t need to take chances with your money and your health.

Pricing and Dosage

Tadagra capsules are common as its tablets with 10 Mg, and 20 Mg strengths of Tadalafil is the most commonly sold after quantities. The former is sold online in various pharmacies such as marup.com. 40 capsules go for $23.00 making each to cost $ 0.57. A bulkier supply of 100 pills only requires $ 32.00 which means that a single dose goes for $ 0.32 the same trend is experienced as you climb up the quantity ladder.

Tadagra is more affordable compared to brand Cialis which is exclusively priced for those who will spend a fortune despite the two drugs having the same pharmaceutical ingredient

Tadagra is more affordable compared to brand Cialis which is exclusively priced for those who will spend a fortune despite the two drugs having the same pharmaceutical ingredient.

How to Buy Tadagra Online

Tadagra is not readily available in most online pharmacies but an alternative brand Cialis from which its formula was obtained. Cialis can be bought from the following stores:



A Cialis 20 Mg tablet is sold at $ 35.38 in a pile of ten on pharmacymall.net with a transportation fee of $ 9.50 via the standard airmail while the traceable courier service is traded at $ 19.95. Canadapharmacy24h.com sells a 20 Mg pill of Cialis for $ 37.24 in a pack of 10 tablets. The same prescription is delivered to you through the regular airmail at a charge of $ 10.00 whereas the express mail service navigates the consignments to your residence at $ 20.00.

How to Use

Tadagra tablets are taken with a glass of water with or without food in the stomach. It is recommendable to take the pill an hour before the sexual activity to improve its efficacy. It does not work as expected with the high consumption of alcohol which you are advised to minimize. A pill of Tadagra lasts in the blood for thirty-six hours and should only be ingested once daily. Exercise caution if you are consuming drugs with nitrates as they do not interact well with this medicine. The treatment is not meant for women and children.

Side Effects

Tadagra does not luck its disadvantages just like other Tadalafil products as it causes dizziness, muscle cramps, back and joint aches, headache and stomach upset. These negative symptoms are experienced by a significant proportion of its users and normalize after a short while. There is another set of adverse outcomes such as priapism, temporary loss of vision and hearing abilities and sudden decrease in blood pressure, these demand medical help urgently.

Conclusion with Rating

Tadagra is a generic Cialis from Medix laboratories (I) private limited in India. It is indicated for the management of impotence and works by increasing the amount of blood in the erectile organ a function that is achieved by its primary pharmaceutical ingredient- Tadalafil. The drug lacks consumer reviews online, and it makes it hard to tell its efficacy levels. Now that I have been left with an insatiable wish on its potency I can’t rate it more than 2-stars out of five. Make sure to visit a doctor before using the drug.

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